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If you'd heard from as many people as I have over the years who don't even know where an intake vented loop belongs because they never bothered to read the directions--or barely skimmed through 'em and decided they didn't need 'em any further--when they installed a toilet, and how many have other problems they wouldn't have if they'd followed the directions, you'd be cynical too.

Bob, the BOAT can be the culprit when a macerating toilet discharge is noisy. Hulls can sometimes have "sweet spots" that can reverberate something awful if the toilet has to go onto a part of the sole that connects to that spot. The only help for it is to mount the toilet on an inch of foam rubber...and even that isn't enough to kill the noise completely. It's also not a very good solution if the head compartment is also the shower "stall" because the foam deteriorates when it spends a lot of time being wet.
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