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The real reason was because they didn't want to risk being sued by people who's credo is "Directions?? I don' need no steenkin' directions!" and then polluted their fresh water because they didn't follow the instructions.
Why would someone interested enough to locate and read their instructions then ignore the single safety consideration associated with the modification...mount the backflow/vacuum breaker x number of inches higher than the unit? By the way, I just checked...they now have a note (for the Crown series...maybe others) to call their technical line if you want to make the mod. Dollars to donuts that when you call, they try to sell you their fresh water conversion kit that's new to the market @ $240 (Defender). I guess people who buy their kit and follow directions are different from people who used their directions and sourced the parts themselves (for about $100 less). It's about sales.

By the way, I'm a huge fan of the Raritan Crown (without the impeller style raw water pump attached).
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