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[QUOTE=HopCar;323909]Marty, There is danger of bacteria getting into your potable water system if you do that. If you want to flush from your drinking water supply, get a toilet designed to do that.


There is no danger if the system is plumbed correctly. I converted two old Raritan Crowns years issues with contamination. Raritan used to have a step by step instructions on their web site along with an equipment list to do it safely. I haven't seen it in a while...probably because they prefer to sell new fresh water flush heads... The key elements are backflow prevention/vacuum breaker and a solenoid to control the fresh water flow. And no, there are not issues with too much pressure for the toilet...ours work on city water pressure most of the time. Yes, if the fresh water system pump is not on a pressure sensing switch, it would have to be wired to the toilet flush switch. Total cost to assemble a kit with a Jabsco combination vacuum breaker/solenoid valve and some wiring/hoses/couplings is in the range of $125.

However, the real trick to odor control for most of these macerator style heads is a vented loop in the discharge line, which leaves a small pool of clean water in the bowl, thereby blocking the stink from lines. Fresh water flush won't stop that.
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