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Originally Posted by tegdesign View Post
Hello All.

Just moved to a new slip. My boat is set up with a 30 amp shore-power inlet. The new slip has a 50 amp hookup next to the boat. Down the dock about 60 feet is a 30 amp hookup.

I apologize for my electrical ignorance, but what happens if you plug a 50 amp source into my 30 amp boat using some sort of 50/30 converter pigtail?

Or do I need to buy another power cord?

50 amp service comes two ways....single phase and split phase....since you have not identified which is available we cannot help you with the some sort of converter you will need. Nevertheless, once you get the right converter you should have no problem. You only have one more thing to check. It is electrical law that your shore power have over-current protection for both positive and neutral conductors as soon as the shore power enters the boat. You need to be sure that your boat is in compliance. If it is in compliance then you should have 30 amp protection of your shore cord and it won't matter that you are hooked up to 50 amps.
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