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It works fine, until you overload the 30 amp cord. Easy to do too. Run an electric heater in winter, combined with the water heater in the morning for a shower onboard, combined with your battery charger kicking in, your fridge firing up, the coffee maker getting you started for the day, etc... easily over the 30 amp rating of the cable, but if less than 50 the outlet will let it go thru without tripping the breaker at the dock.

We split our electric into 2 "legs" and use a 50 amp shore power with a pigtail that splits it into 2 of the 30 amp legs.. water heater/batt charger on one leg, electric outlets and fridge on the other. you can still over do it if you don't watch it.. but that is true no matter the set up.

If you do not live aboard and only use a little power while the boat sits there, not an issue using the 50 to 30 adapter. Just keep an eye on what is really running and inspect your cord/external plug regularly.

Oh, and remember you really don't want to run your amps much over 80% of the cable rating! You can still smoke a cable without tripping a breaker if you bring it up close to max and let it sit there.. .they get rather warm!
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