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Originally Posted by islandgypsy View Post
OK- Stupid question time.
Why the water filter from the hose which delivers clean and purified city water.
Is it because the hose can become contaminated?
Can you recommend an online source for such filters that aren't too expensive?

The dockwater at our home marina is not "city" water, and it's common that many of the marinas we visit are also on a well. Usually good enough, certainly potable, but we use the big filter primarily to eliminate (well... reduce, at least) sediment.

The smaller carbon block filter can remove some other stuff, like chlorine from treated "city" water... but I've been more focused on removing any cysts, and I think I understand the big filter we use is too coarse for those.

(Our filter regime is heavily influenced by our household process, where we are also on a well with serious iron content in the water.)

Yes, hoses can become contaminated, especially left out in sunlight. We always drain and "dry" our "freshwater" hoses (which are separate from our washdown hoses) after filling our tanks, then store the hoses out of sunlight. Not perfect, though.

I use, but I haven't really shopped to find if there are better prices somewhere else.

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