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Yes Richard, potential condition is what continually haunts me about this boat and keeps me awake at night. Keep thinking I can just get in, turn the key and head south for home.

Satori was quite the opposite initially; somewhat neglected but seaworthy enough for the Delta. I bought her in 2010 and spent the last 4 years working on defered maintenence and upgrades. I am not unhappy with her, and she makes a Great Delta boat with the Sedan style and large cockpit. I just feel she was not quite the style and size that I was aiming for 5 years ago, and she gets a little tighter everyday. I want those few extra feet and raised pilothouse like the LTs had; that style seemed very comfortable to me. the only downside I know for sure is the reduced deck handling access from the bridge compared with Satori which has great access.
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