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Good point. Yes, this listing is somewhat lacking. I suspect it may have to do with what I previously replied to you. The seller is only looking for serious buyers who are willing to work and dig a little to research the model, not tire kickers. Maybe not professional, but not lazy either - I would refer to the exhaustive items detail text.

I have now looked at, I think 4, on the web and all are about the same. Seems like enough tankage in these to 1000+ miles in fuel, (singe of course) and about half that in water; less in black water.

One of the other similar Acapulcos that I use for cross reference is this one:

1979 Bluewater Trawler Pilothouse Power Boat For Sale -

I am still building a library of info on these boats, and it is anything but organized at this point.

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One other thing I didn't notice in the listing was tankage. Fuel, water and waste. Might be a blue water boat but may not have legs to go anywhere. All in all, I fault the broker for the sparse listing.
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