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Thanks for the background. I am wondering if that one in SD is the same one of the guy I talked to. Do not recall a flybridge, but was a single Lehman. The time frame and location sounds about right.
He must have wanted it pretty bad to truck it all the way East; probably $5k at least, plus his travel expenses out here several times.

The demand for rare old Pilothouse boats is also part of my problem. These appear to be pretty rugged boats, and I have seen the interior layout of the one on my dock and I like it!
The Acapulco is just a little bit bigger than the LN, but without the tuggy look or the LN cult.

If you run into this guy again, hook us up. If he really intends to sell after the loop, I could be interested. We have discussed retiring back East, perhaps along the Mississippi. It could be most convieient to have her already on the Loop.
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