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40' Bluewater pilothouse trawler yacht, Acapulco style.

Does anyone have any specific, personal knowledge of this vessel?

40' Bluewater Trawler Motor Yacht 1972 | Brokerage Yachts - Crow's Nest Yachts

It is a 40' Bluewater pilothouse trawler yacht, Acapulco style.

This is the kind of boat I had an interest in when I bought my present trawler. At the time, there was only one other available, and it was near LA and not in that great of shape according to the owner.(no less)
Also, at the time, I was not so comfortable with the size as I am now. The next smaller version were a couple of Lord Nelson tugs. Bottom like on those, tooo "tuggy" and cultist priced.

The cockpit of the Bluewater is still too small to suit me, but close enough I could live with it - one of those compromises, you know. Other than that, she checks off pretty much all the boxes:
* Heavy enough to take down the coast.
* Single diesel.(the GM is another matter?)
* No Bridge deck to deal with.
* Portuguese Bridge.
* Port / Starboard Pilothouse access.
* Considerably larger ER.

These seem to be pretty rare and mostly on the West Coast. There is actually one several slips down from me in Antioch, but it is a twin, or I might pursue that one. The owner is not so happy he got it now, and seldom uses it. The condition is Fair and he was talking $60K.

As you can see, the Rendezvous is about 2x in price - for a 40+ yr. old Taiwanese Trawler. It appears to be in much better shape and well fitted out with a lot of nice cruising features. The electronics is a bit older.(but maybe I can get it discounted)
The owner must not be in any hurry to sell her as she has been for sale for years now.

I have not contacted the broker yet, but that is my next step after this inquiry. This boat has been really bugging me for a while now and I think the only way I will get a good nights sleep is to just go there to confirm condition and value by viewing and crawling her.

That 2x the average price really makes me sit up and scratch my head.
Are there any folks her with personal knowledge of her condition who can cure my insanity and save me a $$ trip to Vancouver WA?

Please PM me if you can help.

Thanks gang.
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