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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
I pretty much follow the same procedure that River Cruiser laid out. I never hook up to city water unless it's to fill my water tanks, and go through the water in the tanks fairly rapidly.

I bought a portable filter like this and hook it to my water hose, then run a hose from the filter town into the tank. NO water goes into my tank without first being run through this filter.

Peggie answered the "how much bleach" question in the parallel thread, so I'll just comment on the filtration idea here.

We do the same thing only we use two filters, in line, for all freshwater into our tanks, no matter how good the source.

The first is the larger version of that pictured, with a dual-gradient 25-micron/1 micron filter element. (See Big Blue housing and Pentek DGD 25-01 filters at someplace like

And then we run the output through a smaller filter housing -- happens to be a GE SmartWater housing, inexpensive from Home Depot -- with a .5 micron carbon block filter element (See Pentek FloPlus 10)

The carbon block filter to fill our tanks is overkill, and the flow rate is significantly diminished. Not to worry, it fills while I do something else.

A better solution for secondary filtering could well be individual filtered-water faucets at the galley or in the head; we've just done a household install of Moen's under-counter system and it seems very promising so far.

FWIW, we usually filter through only the larger Big Blue when connected directly to shorewater. No flow issues, and I don't have to worry much about sediment build-up on our own internal freshwater lines either, as for instance if shorewater is coming from a well of varying degrees of quality.

But we seldom actually connect to shorewater. We usually cycle through our own tanks, which also seems to help keep the supply fresh.

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