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Years ago, we were displaying Salvation II (first Nordhavn to circumnavigate) at the Seattle Boat Show (January). There were about 4-5 inches of snow on the dock. We required shoes to be taken off. Late in the day, a gentleman came aboard wearing a business suit. Obviously, took off early from his job. There were quite a few people aboard at the time he arrived but after visiting for awhile everyone else had left. When he went to put his (dress black) shoes on, the only shoes on the dock was a pair of old, ratty boat shoes, at least 3 sizes smaller than his.

We felt terrible......what to do? He had to walk several blocks to his car and the ratty, too small boat shoes just wouldn't fit.

He ended up wrapping his feet in paper towels (insulation) and we gave him zip lock bags (doubled) to make the walk to his car. We never could understand why someone would steal dress shoes that were obviously several sizes larger than what they wore.
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