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Scraping Paint
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Originally Posted by CPseudonym View Post
.... it still amazes me the places this dirt seeks to accumulate.
I agree. We leave the boat buttoned up when we go home after a weekend either out on it or on it, and when we return the following weekend, there is dust on everything. Not a lot, but it's on surfaces we cleaned the previous weekend. We have no idea where it comes from.

The outside of the boat gets dirty fairly quickly because of the relatively high volume of boat movements in the harbor, both recreational and commercial (seiners, gillnetters, crabbers and buy-boats). Also, there is a BNSF railyard running the length of the harbor and the railroad's main line from Seattle to Vancouver runs through this yard. I would guess there is a train with three or four locomotives on the head end and usually one or two helpers on the rear going one way or the other at least once an hour in addition to the switching activities of the two yard engines.

So between the boats and locomotives there is more than enough soot to go around.

But the dust on the inside of the boat remains a puzzle.
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