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My teak looked at least as bad as that pictured. My procedure:
Scrape as much as possible with or without heat gun,
Sand lightly with 80 grit to smooth and even out the wood,
Clean with teak cleaner (available at West Marine),
Wash with Teal Brightener, gets the grey out,
Sand with 120,
Wipe down with mineral spirits,
Sand with 220,
Wipe with mineral spirits,
Wipe with tack cloth,
1st coat of varnish, Epiphanes in my case, thinned 50%,
Repeat sand with 220, wipe, wipe, varnish 4 coats,
Then sand with 220 to smooth,
Sand with 320, wipe, wipe, varnish for at least 4 more coats.
Looks pretty good when done.
Refinishing teak is a Zen thing, be one with the wood, 😊
And remember to have fun.
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