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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
Have not used anything similar to one in the picture or to Pgitug's setup ... yet. I am thinking about it since I will get another different anchor and keep both anchors on board, as well as spare short chain and spare long 200'+ line that are already there.

The Pgitug's setup works in the conditions he experienced that are similar/same to my situation. I will try his setup this season ... line + chain + Delta (fixed and permanent), then a short line + Fortress at the end (removable for storage).

I like the fact that he uses soft line rather than hard chain for the extension, it seems to work while less chance of damage to the boat/roller/windlass if things not go as planned.

The only question I have for Pgitug is ... how/where do you tie the extension to Delta anchor? Any pictures? TIA.

The anchors I am using is a 55lb Delta and a FX23 Fortress.
The Delta is at the end of my all 5/16 chain rode. At the plow end of the delta, high on the horizontal is a hole. I assume this is for a trip line. I have a large shackle pinned in this hole. The Fortress has a shackle attaching the 5/8 lines spliced eye. The free end of this line has a spliced eye with another shackle. This is the working shackle that I use to attach the two anchors. With six feet of line I can easily pull the Fortress back aboard with enough slack to "Shake" the mud off before bringing it on deck.
It sounds cumbersome and some would say that it was. But after using this system I find myself waking up several times a night at those anchorages when I "Cheat" and only put down the Delta.
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