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New Dinghy help

Well guys I just got the bad news from the dingy repair joint, its dead!
My Apex 8 RIB probably served its owners well as it was the only dinghy my 98 model boat ever had. May it rest in peace.*
But, maybe not. The repair guy said it can be brought back by removing the tubes and replacing with new ones at a cost just slightly more than half the cost of a new one with Hypalon tubes and a 5-year warranty. The FB hull is in good shape.
So I have a decision to make. Buy new, but which one, or repair.*
Couple of thoughts:*
Repairing the old one would leave me with a slightly smaller RIB than I prefer but would require no modifications to my weaver davit system. I would be at the mercy of the skill of the repair guy as far as ensuring the new tubes are installed properly.
*Get a cheap 9 RIB with PVC tubes and plan on replacing it in 3-4 years at a cost of about $1300. This is slightly larger than I have now and would be size wise a more comfortable option. After some experience I may decide a hard dingy is more desirable and at this price would leave me the option to buy one when it gave out and feel better about it.*
Get a new hypalon 9 RIB at a cost of about $3200 and plan on keeping it and maintaining it. If I decided I really didnt like a RIB Id feel more inclined to keep it regardless, due to its higher initial cost.*
*Get a 9 Livingston hard dinghy. It will probably last my entire cruising life so for a cost of about $1500, Im done. I dont like the interior layout, which requires you to sit sideways, and I dont like the idea of having it bang up against anything it is tethered to. I would also have to modify my weaver davit setup at additional cost and work. Im not wild about this option.
*One last option; there is a consignment AB RIB 8 06 model the owner wants $1700 for. The store says it has half its useful life left. If I can get it for $1000 I may go this option. It has Hypalon tubes.
*So what do you guys and gals think?*
I have two engine options. My 3.5 merc OB will not plane any boat but is easy for me to take on and off the dinghy and store on the swim platform.
My 8 hp Johnson will plane the 8 footer with just me, but is VERY difficult to man handle up and off the dinghy and onto the swim platform.
So unless I can come up with a hoist system for the larger motor Im sticking with the smaller merc.
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