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If you'd like a distress call to supply the Canadian CG with your boat/owner information, it seems that's not going to work with a BoatUS MMSI. Here's a recent response from BoatUS to a question about MMSI's from a boater heading into Canada:

The problem is not one that BoatU.S. can fix unfortunately, though we are actively lobbying the government to push for a change. The problem is that the International ITU database can only accept MMSI numbers ending in zero and BoatU.S. is not authorized to issue MMSI numbers ending in zero. If you are required to be licensed, but are cruising within range of the U.S. or Canadian Coast Guard, you can continue to use the BoatU.S. number in your radio rather than reprogram with the MMSI assigned by the FCC. Foreign rescue authorities just won't be able to look up your registered data in the international SAR database in the event of a distress.

If you are cruising in Canadian waters, the Canadian Coast Guard is working with the U.S. Coast Guard on any distresses.

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