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Upgrades to the 12 volt system and the house battery bank:

So when I bought the boat, one of the high priority items on the list was cleaning up the 12 volt system in the engine room. While the system did function and the components were of good quality, it was clear that the system had been added to in a poorly thought out plan. Basically the 150 amp engine alternator connected to a 2 battery bank charging isolator which provided power to one 8D battery for the engine and three 8D batteries for the house bank. The batteries and alternator were on the starboard side and the isolator was on the port side with the power distribution panel. Over 100' of 4/0 tinned marine cable tied this Kludge together. This was done when the new Magnum inverter charger was installed. From a bill in the boat records, the materials (not including the inverter or labor) were over $4K. As space was limited in the engine room, the four 8D battery boxes were mounted next to the engine making it really tough to do engine maintenance.

First project was to relocate the battery bank. The Cummins engine used a very large lift muffler and a bunch of 6" exhaust pipe. That will all be relocated and replaced with a much smaller lift muffler and 4" exhaust pipe for the John Deere.

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The platform for the old lift muffler became the location for the new battery box. Sean built this box out of coosa board, 2 layers of bi-axial cloth with polyester inside and out, and finally covered with several applications of gel coat. Did I tell you Sean does really nice work?

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Battery box is filled with 8 Trojan T105 deep cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries. 900 amp house bank and 4/0 cable carrying it to the distribution panels. That should keep the LED lights on.

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This is the old power distribution center. From left to right: Magnum inverter / charger, positive power distribution panel with lexan cover, below distribution panel is an always hot fuse panel for bilge pumps and radio memory, top to bottom engine battery switch - bank combiner - house battery switch, dual battery charging isolator, and negative buss and ground bonding buss. Took me a while to make sense of it all.

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This is the new power distribution center. It's a little less busy. Not quite done. Still need to add a few cable anchors, some labeling, and the lexan cover over positive distribution panel.

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Everything was disassembled ,cleaned, and reassembled with some minor changes. From left to right. Positive power distribution panel. There is a house bank battery switch and the engine emergency start switch. Engine battery is next to the engine with 16" battery leads; no point running extra wire and another switch. The emergency switch allows the engine to be started off the house battery. Next is the always on fuse panel. Above it is the shunt for the Victron Battery monitor.

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Next to the always on fuse panel is the negative buss with a sub buss above it. Next is the ground bonding buss. The red box is a Sterling advanced alternator regulator.

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Missing from the power distribution center is the dual battery charging isolator. Instead I mounted a second alternator on the engine with a Sterling 3 stage charging regulator. The engine alternator and battery only power the engine and it's gauges. Everything else is power by the house bank and 220 amp second alternator. In the event of a failure of either alternator, flipping the emergency start switch combines both banks so they can be charged from either alternator.

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The cluttered engine room with the Cummins, the 8D battery boxes, and a lot of wire snaking around the front of the engine.

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The engine room before all the wiring was done. The daily engine, transmission, and genset fluid checks along with all the fuel separators and tank manifolding are on the starboard design.

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Still have 2 milk crates full of primary wire left over after everything was reconfigured.

Next up my new raw water system.

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