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switching to a trawler from a cruiser

I'm brand new here, what a nice resource!

We're thinking of making a switch from a cabin cruiser to a trawler. We've been ocean boating for around a decade, and currently have a 28' fiberglass pilothouse cabin cruiser that is a go fast planing hull boat. We use it to go fishing at* the edge of the Gulf Of Alaska*from our home port in Whittier.

I've been thinking of a trawler for some time but our situation changed last summer, making me think more about a trawler. My lovely admrial suffered an injury that makes it painful to get banged around at 27 knots. We love boating so we're very seriously considering making the move to a slower less bouncy boating experience sooner rather than later.

I've been looking at boats down at our local harbor, and supplimenting that with online research. What we're after is a pilothouse trawler of 45-50' Something comfey and stable to make for a pleasurable experience in the voyage and the destination, where our current cruiser is more pleasureable once we get there.

Two boats we really like are the*older Defever 49, and the Hatteras 48 LRC. These boats have the room to be very comfortable, and seem like large stable platforms.

There are several Defevers for sale in the Pacific Northwest, but there are no Hatterases for sale on the west coast. A friend of mine bought one in Seattle last fall and so far seems to really like it.

Does anybody here have one of the Defever 49's or has spent much time on one? I'm especially curious about the bottom of the boat. It is a full displacement boat, but is it a soft or a hard chined hull? Does anybody know what the roll period is? Is there a deep full keel to this boat? Does the boat respond well to stabilizers or does it have enough initial stability to render stabilizers less effective?

Other issues I think about a boat form the 80's is the deck. Lots of boats this vintage are getting soft spots in the deck, some models are more prone to this than others because of construction methods that were used. How does the Defever stack up?

More questions to come...


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