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Scraping Paint
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Painting Over Teak

I can speak from experience that what RT says is gospel. Painting unsealed teak (or probably any wood) will result in the paint working it's way down in the grain and you will never get it all out except by sanding down past the level of the paint, at which point you will have sanded off so much wood it's dimensions will be smaller.

A previous owner painted the teak trim strip around the base of the flying bridge of our boat. We want to return this strip to natural (finished) teak but we can't because the white paint has penetrated too far into the grain. So our only choice is to have new trim strips milled from new wood and then seal and finish in the manner we have used on the rest of the boat's external teak.

Back in the 1960s and early*1970s when I did a fair amount of gunstock refinishing*while in college*there were finish removers on the market that would actually lift finishes like paint and oils out of the wood grain. They were terrific and very effective, reaching down deep into the wood and lifting finish compounds to the surface where they were easy to remove completely. But they were quite dangerous--- get any on your skin and the burn was immediate and very intense. They have long since been pulled from the market in the name of consumer saftey and the finish removers sold today, even the stuff sold as "heavy duty," are pathetic in comparison.

So if you think there is even a remote possibilty that you or a next owner will want to return the teak you've painted to a natural finish, don't apply the paint directly to the bare wood. It will never be able to be returned to a natural finish again unless the dimensions of the trim piece are not critical because so much wood will have to be sanded off to get down past the paint in the grain.

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