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A check valve is an obstruction in the discharge that will trap solid waste and TP and is and ideal location for mineral (sea water and fresh water) and urine crystal buildup. The second time you have to clear a blockage you'll decide to put the loop in the line and wish you'd done it in the first place.

Installing the loop isn't that bad a job, actually, if you put it immediately after the toilet...just switch out to a 90 discharge fitting if you don't already have one, rotate it to aim it up...mount the loop on the bulkhead behind the toilet and come down to connect with the rest of the discharge line. And you'll find the loop has an unexpected advantage: you'll only have to flush long enough to clear the top of the loop...gravity will take it the rest of the way to the tank. Switch to dry bowl (assuming that your toilet has that capabilty) to push some rinse water over the top and you'll reduce any run back to less than half a cup. Or don't...instead remove the joker valve and you'll have a bowl that can hold water "like the one at home."
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