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Originally Posted by Pgitug View Post
Your experiences with the eel grass strainer,
Does small grass build up over time plugging the individual holes or does the boat speed keep it clean?
Have you ever had a plastic bag cover the intake?
Is yours bolted to the hull with bronze or stainless bolts?
Do the fastners go thru the hull with nuts on the inside?
It looks like a good solution for both sea grass and small jelly fish. Before I spend the money to find out how good what if any has been the down side of this strainer?
Yes. But the boat moving through the water keeps it clean for the most part.

Yes. And other stuff.

Bronze screws. Sometimes you'll see stainless ones.

No they do not get through bolted so you can take them off in the water. The better ones have the screen that either can be slipped out of them to clean or the screen dome is on a hinge and you can swing it open to clean while in the water.

Not much of any down side to them. Just make sure the boat yard doesn't paint the holes in them shut with bottom paint. And make sure the boat yard takes them off and cleans and paints behind them and up into the thruhulls. Many boat yard do not include that in their standard bottom job quotes.

They are not much of a solution for jellyfish. Cause jellyfish, like a plastic bag, can just get stuck all over the screen/dome and clog it up.
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