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Old woodies are being bought for cheap live aboard with little or no maintenance given. When the boat goes too far over the hill attempts are made to abandon or sell even cheaper to next owner. In our area we also see many old woodies in wet slips still being cared for by ageing owners. Some will be looked after by family after owner dies others not so. Some of these boats are nice enough that they will be saved many are not and will fall into the cheap live aboard rot cycle. A while back one of these boats pulled into a marina I was at and gave a cash advance payment for a few weeks and then the boat was completely abandoned at considerable expense to the family owned marina. I can definitely appreciate why yards are wary of older wood boats that may be rotting. It takes a great deal of $ and effort to keep some of these boats and too many of the owners who bought cheap are not in a position to deal with the problems which may only become apparent to them after boat is hauled. I suspect the prevalence of the problem differs by locality.
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