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Originally Posted by bayview View Post
modern diesels often require power to open fuel solenoid or run common rail injectors. The days of mechanical diesels seem over.
True, but it requires very little electricity to operate the fuel system. You could very easily be in a situation where your batteries are strong enough to run the engine, but not strong enough to start the engine. That's where something like this could be a life-saver.

The problem I see is that this thing needs to be mounted on the engine in place of the traditional starter. So, in an emergency you have to break out the tool kit, remove the normal starter, and mount this in its place. That ain't gonna happen any too fast! Either that or you leave this permanently mounted and ALWAYS have to start the engine manually.

It would be nice to have something along these lines that could be mounted IN ADDITION to a normal, electric starter, rather than instead of one. Then if the batteries are too run down to start the engine, you could just start it up with this, but in other cases use the electric starter.
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