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Originally Posted by SCOTTEDAVIS View Post
Not through but will crack a bit of cast iron, there is an exotic 12 gauge round that does a bit better then the 1oz lead slug, see video 2.
Scott - In 1971, hitting a 1960 383 cid Chevy engine. 12 ga. slug - went through side of the block, stopped it cold.

Slug you show on video would suffice too, I'm sure.

When the heavily armored and superior weaponry bank robbers were fighting cops in LA several years ago I wondered why the cops did not simply begin hitting their armor protected heads with 12 ga. slugs?? Even if the armor had been tough enough to thwart penetration the slug would have knocked them off their feet and the impact-shock would probably have knocked them out! At minimum the slug would have greatly disoriented their coordination and reasoning functions. Talk about getting a concussion! - LOL
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