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Looking for Clarification & Feedback

My assumption from the poll and replies was that there was a fair amount of support for this type of thread... but by the lack of contributions (only one!) I'm wondering where I went wrong??

I'd especially like to hear from Cyclone, siestakey, Conrad, seadog, & others that initially expressed some level of support.

Is the inability to index items on TF the barrier? - useless w/o this?

Have users tried the "Hybrid Mode" - if you go to the Ref Only Thread and view in hybrid the topics are relatively easy to find - I think at least -others??

I recognize the PDF size limitation is somewhat of a barrier...
but moderators have doubled the PDF file size limit

As far as organizing the ref info - as I stated in prior post - my thought was that if this was successful to start a similar thread in any of the sub-forums anyone had info to post... Boat Mfg specific in the builders sub-forums and engine specific in the power systems, etc. I'd be willing to assist or start them even, if there is interest -
I believe moderators would agree to make these stickies if they were used and valued - making them easier to find & use.
but I'm willing to drop the idea if that's the real sentiment?
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