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You'll find all you need to know on teak decks if you poke around here.
My own story...we bought our 34' aft cabin MT in the early 90s. Ran the boat until around 2001 or so, when a couple bought it for exactly what we had paid for it, rare but true.

2yrs later we heard that both black iron fuel tanks had rotted through putting roughly 200gals of fuel in the bilge. The decks leak, and when they do, water gathers under the tanks below, and the rest is history. Not sure, but think the owners replaced the tanks with plastic "blivot" style tanks.
I was reminded of that incident while looking at a listing the other day that said something along the lines of "Black fuel tanks look good, as far as you can see!"

At that price, it seems like a great amount of boat, assuming engines are solid.

If it were a year from now, I might've been up there looking at it too

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