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As to guests, while you're out enjoying yourself, a lot of your friends are still working and can only join you occasionally. As to kids, their schedules are very full. I know one couple that thought long and hard about whether to go larger to have space for their kids when they can join. They ultimately stuck to smaller and on those occasions their kids join, they find hotel rooms for them along the way. While we've never stayed in a hotel when cruising, I know one owner of a 56' Hatteras who cruises regularly, has a captain, is currently on the loop (looks like he'll complete it in 4 years or so) and never spends a night on his boat, always hotel.

Tailor a boat to your 95% usage and you'll figure out a way to handle the other 5%. For instance, grandchildren once loved visiting grandparents and sleeping on pallets (think that's what quilts on the floor were called), well now air mattresses in the boat's salon are many times more wonderful than that. I remember the best times with my cousins were visiting my grandparents for holidays and typically there would be 6-8 of us crowded into a room upstairs and overflow sleeping on the floor in the living room. (Yes, my grandparents had 7 children and eventually around 25 grandkids). Best times of our lives although many nights we didn't sleep much.
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