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My R27 has everything. That's why I bought it. A/C, Genny, solar panels, shore power, the whole 9 yards. The only problem is the room closes in on you after a few days. Forget about having guests. But, maybe that's not a bad thing. 6 for cocktails, 4 for dinner and 2 for overnight.

Fuel economy is good. About 2NM per gallon, once you find the sweet spot. It has both bow and stern thrusters, so docking is nice. It only draws 2 1/2 feet, so I can go anywhere.

I came from a 38 ft. sail boat with plenty of room. I had 2 heads. (Like you need 2 heads on a boat) I would like to sell the house, get on the boat and sail away with no schedule in mind. I can't see that happening with this boat. I am concerned about debt, but my pension/SSI will be decent and I probably could afford a small payment, if necessary.

I really like the N37, but they are a little pricey. Maybe, I just need to look at boats and not be brand specific? The Rangers are pricey also, so that will be a nice down payment.

I definitely want a newer boat, say 2000 and up. I'm not as flexible anymore, (who is?). I will do routine maintenance myself, but will have a budget for mechanical stuff. Fuel will be a concern. I also heard that most people, when they throw off the bow lines, plan on anchoring out a lot. Then reality sets in and the marinas become more of a routine. That will chip away at the old budget as well.

I just tell my kids, I'm spending their inheritance. I'm going to stick around until I become a burden and I spend my last $20.00 bill.
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