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RE: Sorry, but I have an anchoring question...

Interesting Peter. I guess I assumed the boat would be pulled sideways and one woul;d get the rode closer to the propeller. The latter would be nearly impossible be a threat and I assume that since you don't mention it the boat does not get pulled sideways. Never tried it but breaking out in reverse has'nt been a problem but it would seem that going fwd would work better for the reason you stated. Good idea Peter * *..I'll try it.Benn,
Yes * ...if I'm reading you correctly lots of skippers here in SE Alaska rig the anchor (especially the claws) so some light wire or 1/8" nylon that breaks free of the end of the shank and transfers the pull to the other end of the anchor (where the bitter end of the chain is attached) to pull out backwards. Sorry * *..I don't understand the "running float" part.
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