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RE: Sorry, but I have an anchoring question...

Gees guys most of the time I just start my engine (when I have one) the missus stays at the wheel and then I just gently activate the windlass and it slowly pulls the boat along up to the anchor and then up she comes, unless of course it is caught on something and that is rare even out in the reef country.
I may sometimes get her to nudge ahead if we are really hanging back with an extremely heavy tide run or strong wind but most of the time it doesn't require that.

My big reef star anchor is a whole different kettle of fish.
She has a running float on it, all rope and 10 mts of chain.
I just steam away and around so that the float tries to bury and pick the anchor out of the reef and then stream down the rode onto the chain and float the anchor ready for hauling in.
The chain is attached to the bottom of the anchor and then tied with some breakable twine to the top, so it breaks away and then pulls the anchor out by the bottom.

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