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RE: Sorry, but I have an anchoring question...

Eric, once you're over the anchor, and planning to use boat movement to pull it free from the bottom, why do you back down, doesn't it make more sense to then just move gently forward, in effect then using the shank of the anchor as extra leverage to twist the fluke tip up, and out.....? This is essentially what we do with a Sarca anchor to break it free, only the slot in the shank allows the pull to be moved forward to the fluke end, so in effect one backs the fluke out. Very handy if caught under the bulldozer you just mentioned, but good also in a reef or if caught under any fixed obstruction, but also even for just the heavy, weapons grade mud one encounters from time to time. This techique works well with more orthodox plough, Danforth, and Bruce type anchors as well, just sans the slot in the shank, but in mud it's not needed. If you back it out, you are tending to dig it in again until pure force overcomes the bottom layer over it by virtue of the near vertical angle of the pull, but it still puts more strain on the bow assembly than pushing the shank forward and up, surely....?
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