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Thanks for all the responses. Now a days, you can buy a boat anywhere. Yachtworld has boats from every area in the USA. The reason for wanting a bigger boat before we leave is the trip down to Fl. I would love to just sell the house, jump on the boat, cast off the lines and say bye-bye. Whenever I get to FL., we get there. A nice trip, if you are comfy and cozy. I can't imagine being happy on a 27 ft. boat for any length of time. Plus, when we do get there, our friends also like cruising and they are going somewhere every month or so. The only thing I have to get used to is the added debt. Of course, every one of us has that perfect boat, and it usually is NOT the one we own! But, like someone said in this thread, "It's not such a bad position to be in." Life is good!
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