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See...can't even agree on this topic....

I find more boats not being used because of personal reasons...not because they are POSs....or they were the wrong boat at the time for family, personal, financial or experience reasons.

The boat issues are usually pointed out by a surveyor.

Some people should buy big, some small, some sail, some power, some new, some fixerupers....etc..etc...

Trying to match a boat with a person I believe takes days and days of candid discussion....and possibly lots of reading though all the stuff tossed out right here and many other forums.

But thinking it's going to be done in one particular sticky or 101 thread...well....even particularly well written books often don't really apply 99% of the I have my doubts about anything other than status quo and hoping the new buyer is patient and tolerant, listens to suggestions, and studies their own life as much as boats.

The next best way to educate a boater...just provide links to all the Galaxy Girl threads in all the different forums and her blog....

A legend is on its way to being born....
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