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RE: Sorry, but I have an anchoring question...

nomadwilly wrote:

I don't understand this. If you keep pulling up more slack until you can't get anymore without pulling too hard then your'e right over the anchor. If you back down on it and the anchor dos'nt come out easily your'e either not on top or you've hooked onto a discarded bulldozer. But it should work basically all the time * .. keep pulling up slack until there is no more, *..back down a bit and out it comes. It seems super simple to me.
The idea is to know where the anchor is, so you can drive right to it, and the windlass doesn't end up pulling the boat forward instead.* Without a float marking it, one can only guess the wearabouts of the anchor. Currently we simply start pulling for a bit, stop and see which way the boat wants to drift, then power in that direction.* Otherwise, your quite correct about how to get it up once you are over the top. .....Arctic Traveller

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