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3 Years to go

We have 3 more years to retire. Financially we will be fine. Our plan is to go from NY to Fl. I think it's a NY State law, when you retire, you go to Fl. The plan is to sell the house, kiss the kids and the grand kids and travel down the ICW to Fl. We will take our time, maybe 6 mos. We have a condo waiting foe us in PGI and will rent it out until we get there. The question I have for the forum is this.

We have a 27 Ranger Tug and I feel it will get real small after about 30 days. I love the boat, just don't love the space. Do we make the plunge and go all in on a used N37? We're talking about an additional 100K. That's a lot of $$$$! We are not rich, by any scale I have looked at. It would either deplete 75% of our cash or we would have a note forever. Once down there, we will travel to the keys, Bahamas' and all over West Fl., so we will use the boat. It's just that additional $$ I'm concerned about.

Any thoughts? (That's a rhetorical question, I know there will be many thoughts)
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