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Originally Posted by sammy999 View Post
We are bringing our boat up from Florida this spring and are thinking of docking it at Pickwick State Park Marina in TN. Does anyone have any comments good or bad regarding the marina and surrounding area? Thanks!
Part of it depends on where you're headed, how long you're going to leave it there and whether you'll be there with it. If leaving it for some time and not being there with it, I'd suggest Aqua Yacht Harbor or even Bay Springs. They simply have more people to pay attention to the boat and/or if you need service, Aqua can handle it. However, if living on the boat, Pickwick is a better choice. Now, Pack Mule's suggestion is good if heading up to Lake Kentucky. The Lake has nice state parks too. If headed east on the Tennessee, then Wheeler is great. For a smaller marina on Lake Pickwick, Florence Harbor is also nice.

Will you be flying or driving back and forth?
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