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All well and good to have spare pumping onboard. But, when cruising and without relying upon cameras, how often do you:
  • Check the ER for untold things like water appearing where once there was none?
  • Look at all bilge pump areas for things wet?
  • Examine your rudder posts, shaft logs and stabilizer through hull locations?
Other questions to internalize and debate:
  • Do you carry a life raft?
  • Do you leave your dock based water hose connected and under pressure when vessel at the dock?
  • Are your through hulls readily available and closed when you are not on the vessel?
  • Can you swim?
  • Do you cruise with both charts and plotters in use?
  • Are you a proponent of single hand cruising especially at night with vessel on AP and skipper asleep?
  • A really easy way to use your engines and gensets to get rid of hull breach water is to take off the strainer caps, with engines running and seacocks flooded and closed of course. Love those twins and gensets - more emergency pumps!
BTW, my favorite kind of emergency pump is a high flow rate electric sump design that has a long discharge hose and power cord that allows it to be used in places other than the ER.

And last but not least, stay away from cruise ships if you are really concerned about dangers afloat.
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