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Boeing 787

Right now about a third of the 787s on order have been specified to have RR engines. A bit more than a third have specified GE engines and the rest have not made an engine selection yet. The first 787s to fly have RR engines, the GE equipped planes started flying more recently. There are differences between the Trent 900 and Trent 1000 but they share some common design elements including the basic design of the IPT (intermediate pressure turbine) section of the engine. The focus of attention on the Trent 900 and 1000 failures has so far been on the engine's oil system.

RR claims that the Trent 1000 engine that had a failure of IPT on the test stand had been fitted with an oil system that was unique to that particular engine and did not reflect on the Trent 1000 engines currently flying on the 787 flight test fleet.

A feature of the 787 is that the planes can be fitted with either RR or GE engines, and that the engine types can be changed at any point in the life of the plane. As opposed to prior jetliner modesl which have to be specified with a particular engine and it will have that type of engine for its entire service life.

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