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RE: Boeing 787

From the reports I've read it wasn't just the blades that blew out, it was the disk that failed, one report said "... it just wasn't there anymore" and they are still looking for it on some island.

My understanding is that fan blades can be contained, compressor blades evidently don't go anywhere but the next stage ad destructum but compressor wheels will break into large heavey pieces a la Sioux City and cause no end of grief.

The damage done to the 380 was evidently far more than anyone wanted to admit could be possible.

RR of course says that there is no component similarity between the 900 and the 1000 but there are stories about the splines on the 1000 as well. There still isn't any public information about the cause or extent of the 1000 uncontained failure so we skeptics have plenty of fodder.

Just for conversation, the marine version of the GE CF-6, the LM2500 just turned 41 years old with the high time engine at over 16000 hours. Thats not too shabby for an engine running in salt air. Of course the aero version has gone over 35000 on the wing in about a quarter of that time. Pretty amazing machines.
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