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Boeing 787

RickB wrote:
So what's the beef?
The beef is that most of what you say with regards to the air transportation industry and Boeing in particular--- not what you quote from what you've read, but the implications or interpretations you put on what you've read-- is wrong.

I'm not going to argue with you or cite specific examples because I have today off and I want to spend it doing something other than dueling with you because that--- as most participants in this forum have learned-- is a no-win proposition regardless of the subject.

Your response wil be that since I don't cite specifics and quotes from previous posts and whatnot that I'm taking the easy way out and not actually proving you're wrong most of the time on this subject, and you'll be absolutely correct.* I takes too much effort and too much time and in the end is totally pointless.* The fact that you're wrong most of the time is irrelevant.* It doesn't matter what you believe about this industry and my company--- you have no effect on either one.* The thought that other people are being misled is annoying to me, however, and is the only reason I bother to respond to your posts on this subject.* If it didn't bug me to see people misled, we would all be spared these "discussions."* I should probably work on that.

You're a very smart, well read, globally-aware person.* You know a lot of stuff, no question.* But when it comes to the air transportation industry, specifically the airframe manufacturing industry, outside of what you read you don't know much at all.*

Now I certainly don't know it all, either.* The head of flight test is not calling me up the moment there's a problem and explaining it to me.* So on a lot of things, the 787 fire for example, I'm getting my information from the same sources everyone else is--- the local paper, a explantion on our internal newspaper, the radio news, and so on. Tom asked what I knew about the fire and I told him what I had read at that time.* What I had read contained speculation on the possibility it had been in a test rack.* I am not monitoring every news release or internet story as they come out, so when new information came out, I wasn't aware of it. I didn't learn more about the fire until I read the story in the on-line Seattle Times late last night that I copied and posted to OTDE.* The fact you see all this as some sort of Boeing conspiracy is one more indication of how little you know about this company.

So blast away in your defence. Reading what you write here about the airframe manufacturing industry is like reading what I would write if I chose to express opinons and convey information about the yacht management industry.* It would be mostly wrong.

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