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Boeing 787

Marin wrote:You're right. I'm wrong, you two know FAR more about this industry and this company than I do. My bad.* You win.
Should we add a "passive agressive button" to the selection as well. I don't think either of us posted anything that wasn't a direct quote from a Boeing executive or some other generally respected industry source or analyst.

Just because something doesn't come from a Boeing press release doesn't mean it is not valid. There are plenty of guys who work closer than you to the line or suppliers who contribute to blogs and tell stories just like you do. Why should we feel that everything you say is gospel but everything anyone else says is "suspect" at best? Is the WSJ, Av Week, or Flight just making up stuff because it annoys you or puts your company in a bad light?

The information Boeing released to the PI came out while you still claimed no one knew anything or had told you anything. Pictures showing the location of the power panel were posted online hours after the incident and while Boeing and you were still trying to float the idea that maybe the fire was in a flight test rack. H'mmmm is there a pattern developing here?

The fact that you admit there are many people in Seattle who believe Boeing left town to avoid having to look its neighbors in the eye confirms my statement that many people believe that is the reason, even Boeing's own employees.

So what's the beef?

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