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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
I still don't see how changing a spin on is faster or easier. It is certainly messier. Crack it loose and a few ounces are coming out. Then easy to spill more while handling the topped up filter. Then screw on new one. Going to prime that with the squeeze bulb? Where does the air go? Either need to fill it first, or vent while priming.

To change my racor, crack lid loose. Pump primer a few times on engine to draw fuel level down half inch. Swap out element, put lid back on. A few drips easy to manage. No need to reprime.

And adding a mud filter before a racor? I don't see the logic in that.

And that bowl is essential to me. Do an engine room check, if it is clear red, all's good. Water is obvious as it is NOT red.
ski you can keep the bowl after the spin on, as to the mess first drain some fuel from the spin on with stopcock take off dump in container spin on new filter and fill with closed loop OB bulb pump reopen fuel stop cocks ready to go. Where is the big mess?
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