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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
That set up would be referred to as a "day tank". Most day tank set ups have filtration(polishing system) on the way to that tank as well as after and then the on engine filters. The polishing system would rid the fuel of contaminants and also give you an idea of the condition of your fuel....IF YOU HAVE SIGHT BOWLS!!!!!!....hahahaha!!!!
Not sure that it will be practical for me to add intermediate filtration between the main and 'day' tanks due to space constraints. I think if I add a day tank and with quite a large sump and then drain that regularly it will be a big step forward.

As a precaution, I will also change the o-ring on the filler cap when I am up at the boat this Friday, just to be sure. There is only one filler cap for both tanks. With regard to the breathers, these are in a recessed space well above the deck and I don't think these will be the cause.

Anyway, thanks for the input guys! Hopefully I will get this sorted and restore my confidence in my fuel supply. In the meantime, the site glass will be checked twice a day, minimum!!

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