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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
While condensation might have been the source....many prominent experts dispute condensation in the average boat fuel tank in most cases....possible but improbable.

Compass Marine ran an independent test that doubts condensation...and I have read and experienced others.
I keep my two 160gal tanks at low level almost always. Usually like 40gal in each. Only carry a big load if I need it. So according to common wisdom, I should have water in my fuel. Middle of east coast with wild temp and humidity swings.

I have never seen a drop of water in my tank sumps. I can look into the tank fill and see the lowest corner of the tank. If it was there, I'd see it.

The difference is my tank fills are under a hatch directly on top of tanks, and my vents absolutely cannot pick up water.

So I'm with you, the condensation theory is seriously doubtful to me.

I think most of the water gets in through deck fills and hullside vents. Neither of which I have, intentionally.
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