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FF, you make two good points. The pumps on smaller engines might not be worth the trouble. My engine has an 1-1/4" pump that I think will move about 1000 GPM. It's not a lot but it's enough for me to go to the trouble of rigging it.

I was once on a forty something sportfish that was sinking. It had two big engines with 2" pumps on them. The seacocks were easy to get to. I was thinking about cutting the hoses off the seacocks if the Coasties hadn't arrived with their 3" gasoline pump.

Debris is going to be a problem with any pump. On my set up there is a strainer down in the bilge and then the water goes through the sea strainer.

The engine cooling pump will only be used if the three electric pumps can't keep up with the water.

If I had room, I'd install a big belt driven pump or carry a propane powered pump.
If I had a generator, I'd do what Oliver is doing. I'd look into putting a float switch on the high voltage pump. Maybe use a low voltage float switch and a relay.
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