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Originally Posted by Baker View Post

proper vigilance is significantly easier with a sight bowl. And maintenance that is easier is maintenance that is more likely to happen!!!!
I have to agree!! I have just replaced injector nozzles and had my injector pump reconditioned in the last 2 weeks due to water in the fuel. Not a cheap exercise or a lesson that I want to learn again. Cost aside, it happened during one of the best summers we have had in years and I lost 2 weeks of boating time and that was extremely frustrating. The only saving grace was that the engine stopped while we were back in port and I therefore did no need an expesive tow back in.

Our primary griffin filter (equivalent to Racor) was originally located in really hard place to inspect on a regular basis, as it required all floor coverings (3 layers) and then the floor panels to be lifted. As part of the repairs, I have now had the filter moved to a much more accessible position so that the bowl can be checked easily and drained if necessary without all of the previous hassles.

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