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We spend a few nights at Avalon every year, and this tragedy won't stop us from continuing. In years past, the Avalon harbor patrol has been very proactive in warning boaters of impending Santa Ana wind conditions. I don't know when warnings were given this year, but the harbor patrol did move the dinghy dock before it got real bad. If I were on my boat at that time, I would have left the harbor, either heading back to the mainland or to the backside (lee under those conditions) and over to Cat Harbor (a very well protected anchorage). Since Avalon is at the east end of the island, one does not have to travel far to get to protected waters. But if I were not able to leave in time, I would have gone ashore before it got so bad that I could not.

I also would have dropped my anchor and 400 feet of chain. That way, even if I broke free of the mooring, , but I don't think my anchor would drag all the way to the beach, although major damage would still be expected.
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