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RE: Sorry, but I have an anchoring question...

FF wrote:


Most mediocre props will create 20lbs of thrust for each HP applied.

Half power?* Naw,* we often use short bursts of FULL power (both engines and once the slack is out).* 20lbs of thrust in forward might be normal, but I wonder what you get in reverse, probably far less. Never had any problems at all, but we sure sleep better. Anyway, I believe in always setting the anchor as though a big storm was coming through in the middle of the night.* We try to set at least 7 to 1, but even with over 300 feet of chain, here in Alaska getting that kind of scope is often hard to do.* What is there to be gained by using shorter scope, or a minimal set?* Sure if* your in a crowded anchorage (rare here) you might be limited, but otherwise, I let it all out almost every time, set it hard, and simply get it back in the morning.* Sometimes it's difficult to pull the anchor out of the bottom, but sitting on top of it with the chain verticle for a few minutes normally does the job.* The weather changes so fast here that I dont' see any advantage to saving the wear on a little chain by keeping it in the locker............Arctic Traveller
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And Marin, your correct, new chain wheels are available, but being imported from Italy the price was a shocker.* Ours still pulls the anchor up fine, so it stays for now.**

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