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I'm relatively new to diesels so this thread caught my interest.
First season w/ my Mainship I had both CO detectors give alarms which I attributed to out of date detectors and have not had any alarms since replacing w/ identical marine / RV type units.

From the searching & reading I've done:
to ksanders original point "Show me some documented deaths from CO that was emitted from a diesel source."
The chapter Carbon Monoxide Dangers in the Marine Environment explores in depth the nationwide deaths due to gasoline propulsion & generator engines
"At this point (published 2008) , there are no poisonings known to have been associated with marine diesel-powered engines of either type"(propulsion or generator engines).

Another source (agreeably not marine related) is cited in "Diesel fumes do kill: a case of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning directly attributed to diesel fuel exhaust with a 10-year retrospective case and literature review*."
States: "Lastly, an extensive literature review produced no scientifically reported cases of fatal CO poisoning attributed to diesel fuel exhaust."

Another study of Myths / Facts: " There is Not Enough Carbon Monoxide In Diesel Exhaust To Kill" This study explores the executions, during the holocaust, by poison gas.
Cites - two scientific studies done by engineers show that it is possible for diesel engine exhaust to contain lethal amounts of carbon monoxide:
And Concludes: "Murdering people using diesel engine exhaust is not "idiotic" or "simply incredible" as Berg claims. A diesel engine can easily be mistuned to produce a lethal amount of carbon monoxide. Adjusting the fuel pump or blocking the air intake is not rocket science and does not require mechanical or engineering skills that were outside the capabilities of the SS technicians who ran the engines."

Bottom Line: I now agree the statistics do not support even a low level of hazard in the diesel marine environment.
Will I keep my detectors and make sure they are operational - yes - if for no other reason than peace of mind that I am also protected from CO from other sources - raft-ups w/ gassers, etc or for the one-in-a -million chance that air flow could somehow become restricted while running (engine or gen set).
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